17 Sep

Stop the Madness

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22 May

Comparing & Competing: Not In Your Practice

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Bryan Kest Power Yoga blog post
27 Mar

2 Simple Yoga Practices for Reducing Stress

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28 Jan

Quality of Yoga Practice

Quality of Yoga Practice = Quality of Results Awareness, Breathing and Gentleness Awareness Awareness of breat...

10 Apr

About Online Yoga Classes

The internet has completely changed almost every aspect of our lives. For better or for worse? Well, that's a matter of opinion, and I prefer not to speculate. One thing is for sure: with the internet we have opportunities we never had before. One thing the internet does is bring the world into our homes. It allows us to access and interact in ways impossible a generation ago. This certainly can be used to our advantage. For example, "online yoga classes". Yoga is more than an activity, it is a mentality. It's a more relaxed, simple, serene way of living.

Yoga studios are truly amazing places buzzing with energy and community. Yet getting through traffic and getting there on time can be up to a three hour adventure for an hour and a half class, cutting a big chunk of our day and tightening up the time frame we have to fit everything else in. These studio classes could actually make me busier and create stress; for this reason and a few others we have created our online yoga tool, Power Yoga Online.

Now you can access an ever growing catalog of Bryan Kest and a few other carefully chosen instructors' classes wherever you want or may be. Just pull it up on any mobile device, lay out your mat, and get to it.

Sure, it's not the same as class, but it's the next best thing.  And if you give it your effort, you will walk away feeling amazing with all the benefits you could get from a live class with a lot more time to do other things. Yoga online with PYO is at least one way the internet is helping and is a wonderful tool for your use whenever you would like.

I sincerely hope you enjoy online power yoga with our PYO service.

Bryan Kest