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21 Apr

Karma yoga – Charity

A Place Called Home
(Charity Work)

Dear Friends,
In case you are not aware, charity work is a large part of our center. At least two Monday morning class proceeds each month go to "A Place Called Home," a sanctuary and accredited alternative learning center in the heart of South Central Los Angeles. If you would like to contribute directly, either with money or time, please all Debra Constance at (323) 232-7653.

Community work is a big part of the outer yoga; it's called Karma Yoga and is the "Path of Work," not work for one's own gain, rather for the love and gain of others. Having spent much time at the center, I just wanted to take a moment to express the beauty and light shining through the eyes of these children. With scarcely any money in their homes and communities, their quality of life (home, school, streets, etc.) has deteriorated. You would be appalled if you walked through their dilapidated schools; I was. Yet, due to their environment, the light shines brighter through them. They are not spoiled, thus, don't expect much; they are easy to make smile.

Earth Angels
(A Success Story)

It all started two years ago when my friend Carrie gave me a recipe for carrot soup. I made way too much and knew that I'd never eat it all.Probably. like many of you, I was feeding the homeless twice a year in organized groups on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Because I need to eat more than twice a year, I decided maybe the homeless people did too.

Carrie's carrot soup and the voice in my head that kept repeating, "FEED THE HOMELESS," finally pushed me over the edge. Since I live half a block from the boardwalk, one Saturday I took a pot of carrot soup and about twenty sandwiches and parked myself on a bench. Anyone who looked homeless or hungry, I stopped and most of them I fed. Two years later, the homeless know who and where we are. My friends and I now make about three hundred sandwiches, a huge pot of soup and get various donated sweets (usually stale, but they don't care) from other sources. They vary each time. Yes, it's a wonderful feeling to give back. Someone gave us the name Earth Angels. A homeless man came up to me and said that he liked my wings, the colors were beautiful. I am so grateful for all I've received from this wonderful universe that I can't give enough, but my pocketbook can and did. Just when I thought it was over and my money was totally gone, I got a generous donation from a man who helps get the drug addicts off the streets and into rehab programs. He told me that the Earth Angels had the hardest core segment of the homeless population on the beach lining up to eat our food. His goal is to get most of them into rehab, then into society. What I need from you, my fellow yoga enthusiasts, are sleeping bags, at least 100 - old, tick- free, sleeping bags. As you know, the nights are hard and cold, especially when you're sleeping outside. We could also use cans of chili (the economy size cans). The homeless like chili more than soup, because it's heartier and holds off the hunger pains longer.

NAMASTE Jacqueline

Jacqueline, we love you!! God Bless.