17 Sep

Stop the Madness

There is no enlightenment at the end of a pose. Actually, there is no end to these poses. It seems to me in a general se...

22 May

Comparing & Competing: Not In Your Practice

Could you imagine how radiation for a cancerous tumor might affect our energy level? What about dealing with the very re...

Bryan Kest Power Yoga blog post
27 Mar

2 Simple Yoga Practices for Reducing Stress

Living in the Rat Race: 2 Simple Practices for Reducing Stress Welcome to the Rat Race. Although somehow we seem to...

28 Jan

Quality of Yoga Practice

Quality of Yoga Practice = Quality of Results Awareness, Breathing and Gentleness Awareness Awareness of breat...

16 Jul

Red Cross: A personal Power Yoga Online story

About Steve and Red Cross of Los Angeles

The American Red Cross of Southern California and Power Yoga are happy to celebrate the good works of Steve McAndrew. Steve is a Santa Monica yogi who lives his yoga practice out in the world through his efforts as Head of Emergency Operations for the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC). While going out on challenging missions, Steve travels to some of the most difficult humanitarian situations in the world today including conflicts, earthquakes, floods and other disasters. You can view videos of his work in Haiti below and read about his work in Nigeria in this article. In his work with the Red Cross he is able to provide assistance and work with local Red Cross volunteers from all over the world.  His yoga practice enables him to remain focused, calm, and effective, carrying a small light of hope for thousands suffering under the darkness of calamity.  Although his work is to manage and direct help to others, Steve explains that he receives far more from the work than he puts in, and is thankful and honored to be able to serve others.

Meanwhile, Steve gets his yoga in around the world either with his downloaded or streamed classes through Power Yoga Online. Power Yoga Online enables Steve to continue his yoga practice with his favorite Power Yoga instructors wherever he is.